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What is Google:-

In today’s time, everyone uses the Internet in their daily lives, such as to download online movies or videos, to chat on social media, or to do anything else but to do so. Everyone needs one thing and that is Google, which we do not use so many times every day. After using Google, a question must surely arise in the minds of all of you, what is Google after all? How did Google become the largest IT company in the world and who is responsible for taking Google so far? So, today we will give you answers to all these questions, just read this article till the end.

What is google [Google Kya Hai]

Google is a multinational technology company based in the US that provides Internet related services and products. Google was founded on 4 September 1998 by two friends (Larry Page and Sergey Brin). Which in today’s time holds 14% ownership of the company. Google started as a search engine, search engine is a program that shows you the results based on the keywords you use. Actually Google’s meaning is derived from a mathematical word googol which means next to the number 100 and zero and in today’s time Google also looks like completing the mathematical word.

Google’s initial name and its history

Ever since the invention of the internet, since then, if you want to rank your website, then you have to use the algorithm named BACKLINK BACK-LINK and using this algorithm as the base, Google’s initial name was BACKRUB. Which was later changed to Google. In its early years, it was the only search engine, but after the introduction of new technologies like Google Maps in 2005 and Google Calendar and Translate introduced in 2006, Google started the Google Operating System i.e. Android mobile program and due to which Google today It has become the largest IT company and Google does not ask anyone for any amount for online product. It gives all its facilities for free use, whether it is Google Chrome or Google Ma ps, YouTube, Android, Blogger, Google Sheets, translator all services are free.

Google’s present and future [Google History in Hindi]

Today, Google is one of the largest companies in the world. A few years ago ALPHABET INC was made Google’s PARENT COMPANY due to a lot of different and large products, due to which Google operates under Alphabet INC. Sundar Pichai has also contributed a lot in making Google so big and successful, who gave the idea of ​​Google Chrome Google Chrome to Google. Today Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google and his annual earning or salary is 1200 crores Indian rupees. Recently, Google had asked Sundar Pichai to increase his salary by Rs 450 crore, refusing to take Sundar Pichai, saying that “At present my year salary is too much and I do not want any increase in it” . At present, Google offers about 124 online and offline features. In recent years, Google has launched some of its new products in the market such as GOOGLE CHROME BOOK, PIXEL 3A, GOOGLE LENS, DUPLEX, GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM, GOOGLE HOME, GOOGLE CHROME CAST, GOOGLE DAYDREAM etc. and more 1 or 2 In the year, Google will also start serving automatic cars and delivery drones.

How does Google earn? [How Google Earn Money]


Now you must be thinking that after all, when Google gives every online and its main service for free, then how does it earn so much? The answer is from online promotions you have seen. Yes, have you ever seen an advertisement on YouTube that gives the option of SKIP after 5 SEC, then these are the same ads that Google earns by showing you. You may be wondering how that is actually an online advertising platform of Google called Google ADWORDS. Through ADWORDS, any person can show their product on any platform under Google by giving some amount such as on YouTube, in mobile apps, on any website where the promoter wants and this is the way Google earns money.

How did Google become famous in India?

The Internet was first used in India on 15 August 1995. Earlier, one had to go to cyber cafes to use the internet. At that time, email id had to be created in Yahoo to use internet. At that time Yahoo was very famous in India. People used Yahoo chatrooms to do chatting. The cyber cafes used to charge 10 to 20 rupees for an hour. Broadband internet ran through telephone landlines in India.

For the first time, Google had to save the settings in the name of mobile office in the mobile received from Airtel. The address of google.com had to be entered in his homepage. In this way, the user using Airtel came to know about Google.

At the moment, the first name you get to hear as soon as you step into the Internet world, is Google. Almost everyone who uses the Internet is aware of this name and uses it in different ways, but very few people actually know what Google is. In fact, Google is a multinational technology (international technology) company, which provides internet related service (facilities) and product (product) as a service to the people. Its service includes online advertising technology, search cloud computing, software, hardware etc.

Google was founded in January 1996 during a search by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Not only this, both were studying PhD from Stanford University. At this time, both PhD students had defined it as a search engine in their research, after which they named Google. The word Google comes from another word Googol. The concept behind this search engine was the concept, comparing between two types of websites. In 1 ‘Googol’, 100 zeros after 1 is established. Initially this search engine was used for Stanford University and operated under the formal website of this university. Read how to create a website here.

Google was initially funded by Andy Bechlsheims, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems. This funding was given to it when Google was not available in the market in any way and was not making any kind of money. In view of its success, funding was again received by three more ‘Angel Investors’. The three angel investors were Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, Stanford University science professor David Cheriton, and interpersonal Ram Sriram. On July 7, 1999, Google received $ 25 million in funding after such investments in late 1998 and early 1999. Many investors or investors were present in this funding. These large investors included venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Cofield & Bearers and Sequoia Capita (Sequoia Capita).

In early 1999, Brin and Page together decided that they would sell a company called Excite to Google. He met the CEO of this company, George Bell, and offered to sell it for $ 1 million, although George turned down the offer. Although Vinod Khosla, one of the main investors of Excite Company, brought the deal from $ 1 million to $ 750,000 million, it was still turned down by George Bell.

Google’s initial public offering was done in the year 2004. In this program, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt decided that these three would work together for 20 years. So by 2024, these three will operate the Google company together.
In the IPO program, 19,605,052 offers were shared by Google. The price per share was kept at $ 85. The stock was sold online with the help of a server, which was created by Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.
The sale of this share resulted in a market capitalization of more than $ 23 billion for the Google company. Currently, Google has 271 million shares under it.
Google company development (progress of google)

Google is a company that has done a lot of development in a very short time. Following are the various stages of its development.

In March 1999, Google made its office in Palo Alto, California. At this time, many companies starting up here under Silicon Valley were working at this time.
In the year 2000, Google started selling and promoting, which used keyword technology. Keyword itemization selling was first done for Goto.com. The website was a spin-off of Idealab, which was produced by Bill Grosz.
In 2001, Google received a patent for its page rank mechanism. The patent was formally granted to Stanford University, in which Lawrence Page was named as the inventor.
In 2003, the company established its official campus at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, California. This place is now known as Googleplex. The interior of GooglePlex is designed by Cleve Wilkinson.
In the year 2005, Google’s third quarter profit was increased by 700%. Similarly, in 2009 it was seen that more than 1 billion political researches were done daily in this search engine. In May 2011, the number of Google visitors monthly exceeded 1 billion for the first time. The figure here was 931 million in the year 2010.
In 2012, Google earned 50 billion annually. This was the first time that Google could earn so much money in a year. By the end of the year 2012, it was seen that the company was increasing its profit by 8% per quarter of the year and by 36% in total profit annually.
In 2013, Google formed a company called Calico, which was attached to Apple Inc. On 27 September this year, Google celebrated the fifteen-year celebration of its company. In 2016, celebrating the 18-year-old company of its company, Google released an animation called Doodle on its web browser, which was seen on Google web browsers around the world.
Google is also working closely with organizations such as Facebook, Intel and Microsoft. As of October 2016, Google has built around 70 offices in 40 countries around the world, where thousands of people are employed. Google is currently the most visited website in the world. Many other services like YouTube, Blogger etc. run under Google. Read YouTube and how to make money from it here.
Where is Google data center (Where is Google data center)

As of 2016, Google has named and still operates 9 data centers across the United States. Apart from this, 2 data centers have been prepared in Asia and 4 data centers in Europe. In December 2013, Google announced that such a data center would be built in Hong Kong as well. In October 2013, the United States National Security Agency blocked communications between Google data centers under a program called ‘Muscular’, as Google did not encrypt data within its network. After this, from the year 2013, Google started encrypting the data being sent to its data center.

Google’s most easily run data center operates at a temperature of 35 degrees centigrade. Its server is often so hot that a person cannot stand here for more than a few moments. By the year 2011, there were a total of 900,000 servers including all Google data centers. This figure was based on the use of energy. However, Google never disclosed how many servers it had.

In December, Google announced that from 2017 Google will use 100% renewable energy or never-ending energy for its data center and office. If this happens, the Google company will become the largest company in the world to use renewable energy. To run this company, a total of 2600 MW of electricity will be required, which will be met by electricity made from solar energy and wind energy.

Google search engine:

In general people, the behavior of other Google features may be slightly less, but the use of Google engine is done with every Internet user. This can be gauged from the fact that in the year 2009, the use of Google in the US market was more than that of other search engines. Google had a share of 65.6% in the US market.

In 2003, the New York Times complained about the Google indexing process. The New York Times said that Google’s information capture for its website is against the copyright process. In this case, the United States District Court decided in favor of Google based on Fiddle v. Google. An eventery (data repository) of words was created under the publication ‘The Hacker Quarterly’, which could not search engines under the technology of instant search.

In July 2010, Google updated its image search based on Bing so that users can see image thumbnails during streaming. The news of the Humming Bird update came to light in the Google search engine in the year 2013. With the arrival of this, it was easy for the user that now he could also search in the common language without taking care of keywords.

In August 2016, Google made two big announcements for this. The first announcement was to remove the term ‘mobile friendly’ from Google search engine so that the highlighted pages can be easily understood on mobile and second that all those mobile pages will be removed from January 2017 in the hidden intermediate type. Huh. From May 2017, Google was going to bring something like ‘Personal Tab’ in its search engine.

Google customer services

Various types of services provided by Google to its users are described below. These services mainly consist of online services. Some services are known to people, but some services remain untouched by common people. All the services of services are being described here.

Google website hosting services
Google has started many types of web-based services for its users. Google Mail for email, Google Calendar for time management, Google Maps for navigation, satellite imagery and mapping, Google Drive for cloud storage, Google Docs for productivity, Google Photos for sheets and slides, photo storage and sharing, Google funnel for note taking process, Google translator for language translation, YouTube for viewing and sharing videos, Google as social site Plus, Aloe, Duo.

Software based service (service software google)
Google has created Android mobile operating system. Almost all mobile companies made and traded smartphones using this system. With this, Google made many things like smartwatches, smarttelevels, etc. Google-made Google Chrome is very popular in the browser. Its another web browser is Chrome OS.

Hardware-based service (google hardware products list)
In January 2010, Google launched a smart phone named Nexus One under the Nexus brand. In 2016, the brand name was changed to Pixel. Other hardware related services are described below.
In the year 2011, Chrome Book was launched as a new type of computer. This computer used to work under Chrome OS.
In 2013, Google invented a dongle called Chromecast. With the help of this dongle, a user could play the content contained in his mobile phone on the TV.
In June 2014, Google announced Google Cardboard. One could enjoy virtual reality media using this. In April 2016, news came that Rick Osterlo, who was the first chairman of Motorola Mobility, has been appointed to run Google’s own hardware division.
After this, many hardware related things of Google were launched. At this time, Pixel and Pixel XL Smart Phone, Google Home, Daydream View Virtual Reality Headset, Google WiFi were launched.
Internet service provider (google internet service)

In the month of February 2010, Google announced the Google Fiber Project. So that the facility of ultra high speed internet can be reached to more people. There was a plan to provide internet access to 50,000 – 500,000 people under this network.
This project was later handed over to Google’s Alphabet Inc. In April 2015, Google announced ‘Project-Fi’. It was a mobile network operator, which could run Wi-Fi and cellular signals simultaneously, so that the user could get high speed internet facility.
In September 2016, Google has decided to set up public Wi-Fi at India’s major railway station. About 3.5 million people avail internet service in India every month from this project of Google. By December of this year, this facility was implemented at 100 major railway stations in India. This number is going to increase even further.
Controversy of google

Due to too much development in a very short time, this company had to fall prey to criticism from many people. The allegations etc. of many people have also come true. The most things that Google has been criticized for are excessive tax avoidance, neutrality search, copyright, censorship and gender disclosure. Although Google has registered its name among the five largest companies of America, it is the lowest tax paying company among these five companies.
There is also an allegation on Google that it gives less money than men to women working here. In this way, many kinds of questions have been arising over Google.
Google’s unknown truth (facts about google company in hindi)

Internationally, Google has offices in 40 countries. Many functions of product research and development operations are also done under these offices. Google map development work is done in Sydney and Android development in London.
In November 2013, Google planned to build a new Google headquarters in London. Its campus was spread over 1 million sq ft, in which 4,500 employees could work. In June 2017, a new headquarters plan was submitted under the Camden Council. If this plan is approved, then a roof garden, swimming pool, games area for sports, etc. will be made inside this campus.

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